Some of the covid 19 initiatives have been so successful on the hill and we have been thrilled at the positive contribution these iniatives have made to flying operations at our site.

These are things such as, UHF radios, temporary barriers keeping tourist and pilot setup and launching areas separated, and of course the whatsapp ready app.

The committee feels that because:

  • Stanwell Park is such a large site where pilots can (and regularly do) fly for considerable distances,
  • there are a lot of tourists regularly moving through the witches hats markers into the setup and launching areas,
  • of questions emergency services in the past during incidents/accidents where they have asked how many pilots are airborne

the continued implementation of a number of the very succesful COVID 19 initiatives remain in place permanently.

It is important for emergency services that we are able to not only communicate with pilots, but also be able to provide actual pilot numbers to them on request.

Our plan for the whatsapp group in particular would aim to also introduce a more convenient method of notifying that pilots are flying on any given day. the aim is to achieve this via the use of a QR code that pilots can scan via their mobile phones prior to setting up and launching.

Another alternative is a system used overseas where pilots gps devices are tracked directly through an interface that we can easily interract with in order to determin where any pilot flying art Stanwell Park is at any given time.